WIP – Coming Soon

I feel bad that I have not been keeping up on my posts.  I’ve been working on a pair of legwarmers.  I’m making up my own pattern and I will share once I’m done.  It feels like these leg warmers are taking forever!  Anyway, its a simple pattern. but here are some pics of my WIP.

My legwarmers

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10 Easter Crochet Projects

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, so that means Easter is just around the corner.  This time I’m sharing a list of 10 Easter Projects from my Pinterest page.

1. Irene Strange’s Bunnies

I’m a fan of Irene Strange’s patterns.  I’ve done the Hopscotch Bunny  a couple of years ago.  I actually made several of them.  They are so cute and the pattern is pretty easy.  She also has the Bonbon Bunny, which I haven’t tried yet, but look how cute they are.  Both of these are paid patterns.

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Yarnapolooza II: The Marcus Adventures

Yesterday was our second annual Yarnapolooza.  Connie and I took the day off of work for our birthdays.  For Christmas this year, I adopted an Alpaca for Connie from Willowbrook Alpacas.  So this year’s Yarnapolooza was named for Connie’s adopted alpaca, “The Marcus Adventures.”  She even made t-shirts for us to wear, with Marcus pooping yarn!


We started off our day visiting Marcus at Willowbrook Alpacas.  We were able to hang out with the alpacas and pet and feed them.  They are all so cute and we didn’t get spit on!  Bonus.  We also got to visit with horses, a goat, and Magnus, the chocolate lab.  Such wonderful hospitality!  Now I want an alpaca.  I wonder how my cats would react.  lol

This year we ended up going to three local yarn stores and Hobby Lobby.  Kid Ewe Knot is my regular yarn shop and one of my favorites in the area.  I just think the selection here is awesome and the owner is so nice.  I found lots of pretty yarn to add to my stash here including a beautiful Mohair yarn.  What’s funny is I bought this same yarn in a different color last year.  At least my taste is consistent.

Next up was Hobby Lobby.  I was able to but a really soft lining for the hat and cowl that I made.  I found brown yarn that I was looking for to make a wig for Halloween.  I also bought some scrubby yarn.  I just think Hobby Lobby has the best yarn available outside of a yarn shop.

We drove out to Sewickley and stopped at Sewickley Yarns.  I ended up buying some cute sock yarn and this gorgeous yarn from Manos del Uruguay.  I’ve used their yarn before and just love it.  Connie also commented that I always find the best yarn and she never sees it.

We ended the day at Dyed in the Wool.  They has this amazing baby alpaca yarn that I was so tempted to buy, but I refrained myself.  I did end up with this amazing angora yarn.

I have a yarn addiction, and this annual trip really feeds my addiction.  Connie says I’m a yarn snob.  I think I just love yarn.  As the one woman said at Sewickley Yarns yesterday, “Why are all the yarns I like so expensive?”  And I responded, “Because you have good taste.”

Next year Connie says we should go on the road for Yarnapolooza.  Hmmm.  Taking a trip to another city to yarn shop for our birthdays?  That could be a lot of fun!

Russian Crochet

One thing my time on Pinterest has taught me, Russian crochet is beautiful.  There are so many patterns that I pin, and the URLs are Russian.  In fact, I’ve pinned enough Russian crochet, that I’ve created a separate board for it.  Now it’s not always easy to find the patterns for what I’ve found.  But, many times I can find charts for the patterns.  So one of my goals for the year is to learn how to read charts.

Russian Crochet

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Mini Plaits Winter Hat #2 and Cowl

I went back to Kid Ewe Knot last weekend and picked up my second skein of Galway Worsted yarn so I could finish my original hat.  This time I bought different buttons on Amazon and a different pom pom.  I think the second hat came out as well (although I still like mine more).

Mini Plaits Winter Hat 2 and Cowl

The original hat that I started, but the second hat that I finished.

One of my employees kept remarking about how much she loved my hat, so I ended up giving her the second hat.  Most of what I crochet, I crochet for myself, or gifts.  So since I already had a hat, the second hat was bound to be a gift anyway and she really liked my hat.

Mini Plaits Winter Hat 2 and Cowl 2

Both hats in progress. I made mine a size bigger than the original hat.

I ended up having some extra yarn left over from my hat, so I decided to try to make a cowl with the left overs.  I followed the same motif as the hat and just winged it.  Since both the hat and the cowl are 100% wool, I’m thinking of lining them both with a soft fleece or soft faux fur.  But, I have not gone fabric shopping yet.  Perhaps if I line them I’ll show off the end results.

Mini Plaits Winter Hat 2 and Cowl 3

My improvised cowl using the same motif.  It’s a little small, just wanted to use up the excess yarn.