Star Wars Bounty Hunters

My husband is a Star Wars fan and loves the bounty hunters.  I decided to start making some additional crochet characters for him, in the same style as Lucy Collins.  I used her patterns to model my characters and changed up the color schemes.

I started with Bossk.  I found pictures of him online and of his action figure.  I used one of the regular sized characters from Star Wars crochet as my model, probably Han Solo.  For his head ridges, I added picots along his head.  I originally did his teeth in V shapes, but didn’t like them, so I replaced the teeth with just small stitches.  I thought it made his teeth look more jagged and razor sharp.  Overall I think he came out pretty good.  Bossk was a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband.

Bossk Head

Bossk’s Original Head with teeth

Bossk in progress

Bossk In Progress


Completed Bossk

Next up I tried Dengar.  Again, I searched for pictures online to use to model him off of.   For his head wrap, I started with a hood and made a hat.  Then I made a long tail coming off the end of the hood, that I wrapped around his head.  He’s pretty cute.  He was a birthday present for my husband.



My latest bounty hunter was IG-88.  For IG-88, I used C3P0’s pattern as a template to work from.  He has really thin arms and legs, so I tried to reduce his leg and arm width and extend them, since he is tall.  I also extended his head to a point. When I finished he turned out to be almost twice as tall as Boba Fett.  Oops.  Oh well, I still like the way he turned out.  He was a Christmas present for my husband.



IG-88 and Bobba Fett

IG-88 Towers over Boba Fett

So I have three more to make for him: 4-LOM, Zuckuss, and Boba Fett.  I already made Boba Fett from the Star Wars Crochet kit, but he’s mine.  I’ll have to make a new one for my husband.  I think I may try 4-LOM next.  Need to figure out how I will make his bug eyes.