Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival 2019

The remainder of the Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival was great. At Friday night’s Block Party, I got a henna tattoo from Soma Chatterji in the spa room.  I’ve always wanted a henna tattoo.  We also did some yoga stretches and checked out all of the exhibits.


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Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival – Day 3

Today was the last day of the festival.  I have to say I really enjoyed it.  This weekend was a lot of fun and I learned some fun things and some important things.  Next year I will need to take more classes.  I was afraid of overdoing it this year, but next year I really want to load up on the classes and learn as much as I can learn.

Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival Day 3_15

I strolled along the one wall where some quilts were displayed.  I’ve thought about doing quilting in the past, but I think I’ll stick with my crochet.  There were some beautiful quilts on display though.

I strolled around the marketplace one last time and picked up a couple more things.  Ugh, I just love to shop for craft supplies.  I was trying to stay on a budget this weekend, but I splurged a little.  I also went back to the art exhibit.  Some of the pieces

I went to my second class, Into to Freeform with Susan Swarthout.  We learned the bullion stitch and spirals so we could make scrumbles.  Then we pieced our scrumbles together.  The next picture is an example of Freeform crochet, a really gorgeous panel.  The next picture after that is my first attempt at Freeform.  I enjoyed this class, and the freedom of Freeform.  I can really see myself getting into this.  So much fun and creativity.  Love it!

Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival Day 3_11

Awesome Freeform display

Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival Day 3_15

My first Freeform

Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival Day 3_14

My fabric shredding from yesterday.


Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival Day 1

Day 1 of the Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival was amazing!  I started the day with the Color Lunch.   The Color Lunch opened at 10 am with a box lunch (turkey and cheddar).  We also got swag bags with some Berroco yarn, a color wheel, some quilting squares, and other little goodies.  I sat at a table of ladies from around the State and another from West Virginia.  We had a great time talking and getting to know each other.  The Color Lunch started with a block printing craft by creating patterns on stamps and making stamps on cloth.  This activity was presented by Nora Peters of The Stitch Party  Then we did another color exercise by Julie Stunden to see how colors react with each other.  Oh, and did I mention that I won a prize too?  A set of circular knitting needles!  Now I really need to learn how to knit.

Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival Day 1_46

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