Ms Pac-Man Halloween

At my office, we have a Halloween pot luck every year.  I also have a coworker that I compete with for prizes.  She is very talented and creative, and I always use her as the bar that I have to reach.  Last Halloween I went with a Ms Pac-Man theme.

The idea came to me at work one day.  While walking around the cubicle pods and the hallways it made me think of a Pac-Man board.  So I started plotting out a Pac-Man board around the office in my mind.

I bought my Ms Pac-Man costume online, but I made many of the props.  I started with creating poster board Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man and Ghosts to hang up around the office.  For the cherries, I bought two extra large round balloons and green balloon sticks that I taped together.  I also made some Pac-Man and ghost chocolate pops.  For the Pac-Man board around the office I bought a roll of heavy black paper and rolled it around the office.  I also used yellow poster board and construction paper to make the dots and power pellets.

I found this free Ms Pacman pattern to make a small crochet Ms Pacman.  I also found this other free ghost pattern.  One modification I made was to hot glue googly eyes on the ghosts instead of making the eyes out of felt.  I also created my own crochet Pacman board.  For my board I didn’t really plan it out  I did a simple single crochet square.  Then I sewed on the Pac-Man board pattern.  For the dots and power pellets I bought some jewels and glued them on.


Crochet Ms Pac-Man Board

In the end, I won 1st Place for best costume!  Afterwards I immediately started planning for this year’s Halloween pot luck.