Bride of Frankenstein

My Halloween theme this year was Bride of Frankenstein.  I’ve been working on this theme all year, so it was great to see it finally come to life.  Many of my props I’ve been posting over the past week, but there were plenty of decorations as well like the Mad Scientist Lab Combo and the Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein wall decals.

My costume I made following the Little Miss Monstrous Costume pin on Pinterest and I also tried another pin to erase my eyebrows.  I’m not great at makeup, but overall I think my makeup came out pretty decent.  Also, my friend did the eyebrows because I knew I would mess those up.

For the costume, I followed the directions for the drape and arm wraps.  The wig, I crocheted.  I also made some gloves to cover my hands as well.  If I were to do it all over again, I would not have used ace bandages for the arms wraps.  They were not comfortable and kept slipping all day.  I think I’d probably just make wraps from rags.  Perhaps using a cheap bed sheet?  But I do love the final costume.  This pin has also been re-pined from my board probably at least a hundred times by now.  I hope there were a lot of Brides of Frankenstein out there this year.  And yes, this costume is much better and more authentic than the one I saw at Target.

So, my cubicle won 1st place at work and my costume won 3rd place.  I’m very happy with my results.  And I have at least two more Halloween ideas in my head to keep me going for the next couple of years, although it would be pretty difficult (and expensive) to top this one.

Frankenstein’s Lab Prop

This year for our office Halloween contest theme, I’m doing Bride of Frankenstein.  I’ve decorated my cubicle area as Frankenstein’s laboratory with some elements from the movie and some not.  This first prop that I made, was just a simple mad scientist lab prop.

Frankenstein's Lab Prop

To create this prop I used:

  1. Wooden box
  2. Gauges
  3. Knobs
  4. Steampunk lamp
  5. Vintage Light bulb
  6. Styrofoam
  7. Dowels
  8. Hot glue

I purchased the gauges and knobs on Etsy, the steampunk lamp on Amazon, and the wooden box, vintage light bulb, Styrofoam, dowels, and hot glue from a craft store.  The box I bought was pre-stained.


  1. I cut the dowels down to about 4″ and hot glued them into the radio knobs.
  2. I drilled holes into the box large enough for the dowels to go through.  (The open end of the box faces the back.
  3. I put the dowels through the drilled holes into Styrofoam blocks.  This allows the radio knobs to be able to be turned.
  4. I glues the gauges onto the box above the knobs.
  5. I placed the steampunk lamp on top of the box with a vintage light bulb.

This was a quick and easy project.  Once you gather the materials, this takes a half hour to make, maybe an hour tops.