George Update

We went through about 6 months trying to integrate George with our other cats. Here’s an update on Georgie. We realized that the integrations weren’t going well, so we were weaning him of the meds and were looking to possibly rehome him, if we could find the right home.

A coworker knew someone that was looking for a cat, so we were hoping he would like George, but that fell through. Once Georgie was off his meds his personality started to really come out. He’s a clown; such a silly cat. He’s still really sweet (to us). He has our hearts and we can’t let him go at this point.

So now Georgie lives in the bedroom area of the house while the other cats stay out in the living area. He’s really happy, we think. He and Nathan still batt at each other at the gate. Perhaps when Petunia passes we will try to see if he can get along with the others, but we aren’t holding our breath. Maybe someday when he’s old he’ll mellow out, we’ll see.

Occasionally he still pees on the bed. It seemed to start again, when my husband wanted us to site swap again to let him have the other part of the house for a bit. It seemed to stress him some more, switching back and smelling the other cats. He also occasionally will pee on the bed if we spend a lot of time out in the living room with the other cats. So we keep the tarp on the bed as a preventative measure. This is really the reason I wouldn’t try to rehome him, you never know if he did it somewhere else how they’d react. Lord knows it wasn’t easy for me to accept in the beginning.

So here’s to a long and happy life for Georgie. He likes to hang at my feet in the morning while I’m working, lounge out on top of the cat cocoon, and snuggle in bed with me and my husband. Such a sweet boy, our Georgie.