Eddie Munson Cosplay

This year for Halloween I decided to dress up as Eddie Munson. Which then made me start to work on decorating the house in a Stranger Things Season 4 theme for Halloween. I already made Vecna’s Grandfather clock from Episode 1. And I’ve worked on more decorations that I’ll post later. But I also worked my Eddie costume.

Vest, Jeans, Hellfire Club shirt, Bandana, and chain

It all started in the spring when I bought a Hellfire Club shirt. It was still while the season was airing and I just needed one. Actually, the Hellfire Club shirt I bought in the spring was polyester and I didn’t like it, so I replaced it with this cotton one.

Once I decided to dress up as Eddie, I thought it would be easy. I thought, add a jean vest, some jeans, no problem. But I didn’t realize how in depth his costume was until I watched I watched this video by Cosplay Chris.

First I made the vest. I bought a cheap jean vest. Next I found the Dio back patch on the Dio Store. I couldn’t really see all the original pins on his vest, so I bought this set of classic 80s metal band pins and I chose Ozzy Osborne, Judas Priest, and Anthrax from the set. I found a replica of the Wasp pin on Ruckus Tees. The Motorhead patch was available on Amazon, but I cut off the Copyright 2022 part. And I bought some iron on adhesive to iron on the patches (although I still needed to sew the edges on the Dio patch, at least the iron on helped to adhere most of the patch onto the vest.

Next up, the accessories. The mood ring was found on Ebay along with the Hog Ring. Unfortunately, when I bought the hog ring, I thought I was getting the full set of 3 rings for $44, but it was $44 for each ring. Since I couldn’t find the hog ring anywhere else, I decided to keep it. I found the tombstone ring on Amazon as well as a skull ring (but not the skull ring and I didn’t want to spend another $44, so it was close enough). If you don’t care about matching the rings closely, you can just grab a bag of rings on Amazon. I found a wallet chain on Amazon as well as a guitar pick necklace with a chain bracelet. Note, the picture on Amazon shows a plain pick, but the one that came says Munson on both sides, oh well, it can with the bracelet. I even found the bandana on Amazon. I also found white “leather” high tops on Amazon (Jaina approves). And don’t forget black nail polish.

Finishing off the look also requires a pair of ripped jeans (which I had in my closet). Also a black leather jacket. This was the hardest item because I did not want to spend a lot of money on a real leather jacket and part of me wished I held on to my old biker jacket from the 90s. I tried a few from Amazon, but they didn’t fit at all. Finally I found a cheap black “leather” jacket on Walmart.

And to finish it off? An 80s rocker wig!

Looks like I missed 3 patches on the jean vest, so I’ll update once they get added to the vest.

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