Edward’s Menagerie

Once I started to get into amigurumi, I kept trying more patterns.  I found Edward’s Menagerie book on Amazon.  This book comes with over 40 patterns, with increasing difficult starting with easy patterns (Level 1 through Level 3).  The book also provides various sizes for the patterns, so you can make small to large stuffed animals, depending on the yarn weight you use.

Edward's Menagerie

I’ve tried three of the patterns so far, Emma the Bunny, Bridget the Elephant, and Alexandre the Russian Blue Cat.  I tend to like to try the recommended yarns provided in the pattern, so this time I purchased Toft yarn from Love Crochet online for two of the patterns.

One thing to note on both this book and the Star Wars Crochet kit, is that there is a difference with English crochet.  The stitches and crochet hooks are named different.  I’ve learned now to check to see if a new pattern is an American pattern or an English pattern.