Leg Warmers

I found this free pattern for colorful leg warmers on Pinterest by B. Hooked Crochet.  I thought these would look cute with some leggings or jeggings and would bring me back to my childhood in the 80’s.


Final leg warmers pulled up.

I started the pattern with Caron Cakes, because there is a sweater I want to make next that uses Caron Tea Cakes and I wanted the colorways to be similar.  I was doing pretty good with the pattern and I thought it was working out pretty well.  But my calves are a little larger than the pattern suggested, so I needed a few more stitches, it called for 35 and I tried 45.  Well a chain of 45 turned out to be way too large for me, plus the colors didn’t change often enough with the Caron Cakes, so I ended up buying the yarn that is used in the pattern, Lionbrand Landscapes.  I also ended up only doing a chain of 38 stitches and, while still a little loose on my calves, not bad.

I liked the Lionbrand Landscapes yarn.  It was so soft and easy to work with, which was funny because some people commented that they thought it was difficult to use.  Or more specifically, more difficult to pull apart.  I think as long as you yank gently, it’s pretty easy to pull apart if needed.

Anyway, this was a quick and easy pattern.  Once I got the right yarn and the right circumference, it only took me four days to make them.  I wore them to work today and got several compliments and requests to make them for others.  lol


Pumpkin cuddling while I work on my first version of the leg warmers.


Pumpkin cuddling with me while I work on the second version of the leg warmers.


Final leg warmers, slouchy style.

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