Croshame is a yarn artist

I came across this crochet artist from her brilliant version of Krampus, which is no longer for sale at her Etsy shop. I’ve often thought about buying this Krampus for my husband, thankfully the temptation is now gone. But if you spend some time at her Etsy shop, she has lots of unique and interesting crochet that you probably won’t find anywhere else including a severed arm with a Slayer tattoo, an Exorcist playset, a beheaded Lambchop, and a Sid and Nancy set. Photo of Krampus from

Unfortunately, she doesn’t sell her patterns, only her finished projects, which is fine because I’m not sure if anyone else could do her crochet any justice. I absolutely love it and I would love to have the imagination and talent that she does. I feel if we ever met we’d be fast friends, or I’d be scared to death of her. Hard to tell. But I do admire her talent.

She also has her own blog, which I just became aware of as well. It doesn’t look like she posts often, but I have some catching up to do on whatever she has posted so far.

If you are like me, and you enjoy things that are a bit unusual and out of the norm, you may end up loving Croshame as much as I do. If not, you may be disgusted and terrified. But I hope at least you can appreciate the uniqueness of Croshame.