2018 Resolutions

My resolution last year, in a way, was to start a crochet blog.  It wasn’t really a resolution, but it was something I had wanted to do for a while.  I finally went through with making it a reality, and I still have a backlog of post ideas to keep me going outside of any current projects I’m working on.


So it’s time to come up with a crochet related resolution for 2018.  Next year I will complete my big project that I have been planning in my head for about a year now, possibly longer.  The project is a big one, and I know it will probably take me 3 months or so to complete, but I want to make this a reality.  This will be a project that I will design and make myself.  Once I’m done I hope to have my first real pattern available for distribution.

I’m not spilling the beans on what my project is yet.  I’ve purchased all the yarn and I have sketches and rough designs ready to start it.  All I have to do is finish this one hat I am working on for myself, and then I will start it.  No more excuses.

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