10 Valentine’s Day Crochet Projects

It’s not too late to make something cute for Valentine’s Day.  I’ve been pinning all kinds of Valentine’s Day crochet patterns on my Pinterest page.  Here are 10 crochet patterns that you should be able to get done in the next 10 days (not all 10, you have to pick one, OK, maybe two).

Valentines Day 2

1. Valentine’s Day – Crochet Heart Garland

This first project is a heart garland from Big A little a.  The page only links to a heart garland pattern, but they added their own embellishments without providing instructions.  The garland is adorable and looks like it could be worked up in a few days.  You can get creative with this one and let your imagination go.

Valentine's Day 10

2. Dylan the Valentine Dragon

Dylan the Valentine Dragon is available from 3 am grace designs.  The pattern is free on their page.  This cute little guy looks like he could be done in a day or two.  Plenty of time to make this cutie pie dragon.

Valentine's Day 3

3. Heart and Sole Slippers

The Heart and Sole Slippers comes from My Hobby is Crochet, another free pattern.  These slippers look warm and cozy, perfect for a frosty Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day 8

4. Love is in the Air Beanie

Speaking of warm, how about the Love is in the Air Beanie?  As the image shows, this hat is another free pattern from Nicki’s Homemade Crafts.   What’s cute about this pattern is it uses a stitch that looks like the hat was knit.  I might have to try this one for myself, just to check out that stitch.

Valentine's Day 7

5. Hershey’s Kiss

You may have seen this one linked around.  This is a Hershey’s Kiss, so adorable.  This pattern is a free Ravelry download.  I’m sure you could finish a bunch of these little guys in time for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day 6


6. Amigurumi Love Heart Crochet Pattern

The Amigurumi Love Heart Crochet Pattern is available from Heart Hook Home.  These are super sweet and this pattern is free as well.  These would actually be really cute to combine with the Hersey’s Kisses.

Valentines Day

7. Conversation Heart Pillow

The Conversation Heart Pillow (This website is no good anymore.  It was http://sisterlystudios.com/conversation-heart-pillow-free-crochet-pattern/) pattern is free from Sisterly.  I could just see something like this on a teenagers bed, or college dorm.  I love the little messages, even if I was never a big fan of the candy.  lol

Valentine's Day 4

8. Bouquet of Roses

How about a nice bouquet of roses?  Happy Berry Crochet teaches you how to make realistic looking roses.  They have free patterns and a video tutorial available.  Even a single rose would be a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day 9

9. Crochet Zombie Heart Luvz

Now it’s time for the fun and unconventional.  How about some cute Crochet Zombie Heart Luvz?  I love these little guys.  The pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.  I just love zombies, so these hearts are too cute!

Valentine's Day 5

10. Anatomical Heart

And we end up with my favorite of them all, an anatomical heart.  This free pattern is available on La Belette Rose and is available in French and English.  Maybe I’m just morbid, but I do enjoy the literal heart crochet as much as the lovey dovey ones.

Let’s hope you have enough time to complete your Valentine’s Day project.  My Pinterest  page also has some links to blankets and other projects, but I wanted to focus on what is achievable in the time that is left this year.  Good luck!