10 Easter Crochet Projects

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, so that means Easter is just around the corner.  This time I’m sharing a list of 10 Easter Projects from my Pinterest page.

1. Irene Strange’s Bunnies

I’m a fan of Irene Strange’s patterns.  I’ve done the Hopscotch Bunny  a couple of years ago.  I actually made several of them.  They are so cute and the pattern is pretty easy.  She also has the Bonbon Bunny, which I haven’t tried yet, but look how cute they are.  Both of these are paid patterns.

2. Crochet Easter Eggs

How about some crochet Easter Eggs?  They don’t break and they don’t go bad.  Plus, no messy dyes.  I found a couple of patterns.  Ruby and Custard have the cute stripped Crochet Easter Egg pattern available for sale on their website.  But it’s only $1.74 for the pattern from Love Crochet.  That’s not a bad price.  Also, Zeens and Roger have this cute decorated Amigurumi Easter Egg pattern available.  For free!

3. Easter Bunny Basket Crochet Pattern

Why not make your own Easter baskets?  This pattern for the Easter Bunny Basket is available from Petals to Picots for free!  That bunny is so cute.  There are a couple more baskets pinned on my Pinterest page as well to check out.

Easter 8

4. Crochet Bunny Bunting

This Crochet Bunny Bunting is adorable.  I love the little bunny cotton tails.  Mollie Makes has this pattern available for free.  You can get creative with this one, changing up the colors, size, etc.  These look like some quick and easy decorations to make.

Easter 5

5. Baby Chicks Crochet Pattern

How about this Baby Chicks Crochet Pattern?  This pattern is available for free from Red Hot Fibers.  These little guys are precious.  Make a dozen of them or more.  Look at those little egg shell hats.

Easter 10

6. Crochet Tulips

I love these Crochet Tulips.  You could make a whole bouquet of these.  The pattern is available on Etsy from Crochet Wonders.

Easter 4

7. Peter Rabbit

It’s Peter Rabbit!  Peter Rabbit is also available on Etsy.  This time the pattern is available from the Crochet Blog Store.  He’s so beautiful in his simplicity.  I just think he’s precious.

Easter 7

8. Little Crochet Lamb

Sewrella has this adorable Little Crochet Lamb pattern on her site for free.  I mean, I’ve found tons of bunnies, but not many lambs.  This little lamb is so sweet.  I’d love to make this some day.

Easter 9

9. Chocolate Easter Bunny

I love this Chocolate Easter Bunny.  It is just like the hollow chocolate Easter bunnies we’d get in our Easter baskets as a kid.  Just looking at it makes me hungry.  Or maybe it’s just my diet making me hungry.  The pattern is written by Doni Speigle and is available for purchase on Ravelry.  Num num num

Easter 3

10. Classic Stuffed Bunny

Finishing up with a Classic Stuffed Bunny Crochet Pattern.  This cutie pie would make a great gift for any kid’s Easter Basket.  I love the classic look of this bunny.

Easter 12

Well, that is the Easter list.  I think I actually shared 12 patterns; I squeezed 2 extra in there!  I’ll keep adding to my Pinterest pins, there’s more in there to check out as well.

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