Spring Fashions

It’s Spring, at least according to the calendar, so it’s time to make some Spring clothes.  I’ve been searching through my pins, trying to pick out some cute items for the spring.  Disclaimer:  I am not fashion savvy.  These are just patterns that appeal to me and my sense of style.  lol

Spring Fashions

1. Crochet Gray Dress

This first dress from crochelinhasagulhasm is so pretty, I just love it.  The site is in a different language and the pattern uses charts and photos.  This probably takes a bit of skill to figure out how to make this.  I’m not entirely sure that I’m up to the challenge yet.  Perhaps after I have more experience making clothes and reading charts. I’ll try to make this dress.

Spring Fashions 3

2. Shell Stitch Tank Top

This tank top is available as a free pattern on dummies.com by Susan Brittain.  This is a classic design and with some bright Springy colors, this tank top could go with anything from a skirt to jeans.  The shell stitch just looks classy on this top.

Spring Fashions 6

3. Berry Ripple Skirt

This skirt is sweet.  The free pattern is available from Drops Designs in sizes S – XXXL.  Note:  It includes charts, not just written instructions, so make sure you know how to read charts.  There is written instruction as well, but most of the pattern appears to be available in the chart.  There are comments on the page to ask questions and it looks like Drops Designs answers the comment questions including providing videos on how to do the stitches.

Spring Fashions 9

4. Summer Poncho

Sure, it says it’s a Summer Poncho, but I’d be more likely to wear it in the Spring.  The free pattern is by Susan Whitmore available by Universal Yarn as a free PDF.  This looks like it could be made pretty quickly and it looks easy as well.  Once I get a chance I’d like to try this one.

Spring Fashions 7

5. Long Skirt

This long skirt is gorgeous, Russian pattern, of course.  The site is in Russian, but the pattern is all in charts.  If you can read charts, give this one a try.  I love all of those stitches.  This pattern is not for beginners, you need to be able to read charts and interpret the charts with of the pictures, because the little bit of text that there is, is in Russian.

Spring Fashions 4

6. Canyonlands Boho Crochet Top

This top is on my to do list.  I love the simple elegance and casual look.  The pattern is free, or available in PDF version for sale.  It is available in sizes S – XXXL.  Lion Brand also has the pattern available as a kit with the yarn for about $20.  Not a bad price   for a timeless top.

Spring Fashions 2

7.  Elly May Shorts

Another pattern by Drops Designs are these adorable shorts.  Another free pattern available in sizes S – XXL.  I probably would not wear shorts this short.  I’m sure they could be adjusted to make them longer.  Or if you have the legs for them, these shorts are super cute.

Spring Fashions 5

8. Bea Crop Top

Festival tops and crop tops appear to be back in style.  I’m seeing a lot of ladies making these lately.  This pattern for a crop top is free and available for sizes S – XL.  It appears to be pretty user friendly with lots of step by step photos and easy stitches.

Spring Fashions 8

9.  Casual Pants

I love these casual pants and have been wanting to make them for a while.  This is actually a two for one link, there are charts available for two different pairs of pants here.  The patterns are free, but again, these are just charts, so you’ll need some experience with charts and clothes patterns to make these.

Spring Fashions 10

10.  Derek Bag

How about accessorizing with a crochet bag, as well?  This free pattern is available on Ravelry from Lthingies.  The free pattern can be downloaded as a PDF.  I love seeing how people have customized this bag.  I haven’t made a purse yet, another thing I’d like to try making some day.