Crochet Socks

I decided to try my hand at crochet socks.  I bought this gorgeous sock yarn at Sewickly Yarns during Yarnapolooza this year.  The yarn is from Apple Tree Knits in a colorway called Jersey Shore Gradient.


I found a pattern on Ravelry for free by Johanna Holmberg.  The pattern itself is for two colors, but I just followed the stitches and did not do the color changes.  After the heel, I just continued with hdc until I was almost out of yarn before doing the ribbing.

The heel was tricky.  This pattern actually sends you to another pattern for the heel instructions.  Overall this pattern was fine.  It was a little lacking in detail, so if you are new, it could be a bit more difficult since there isn’t a lot of instruction.  Overall I’m pretty happy with my socks.  We had a cold front come in, it’s a bit rainy and cool, so I’m wearing them right now!  I like being able to wear things I’ve made.