It’s Medication Time

My Halloween theme this year is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  So I started to make my props already.  One of the props I started with is the PA system.  I made this prop from this photo.  It’s not a complete view of the  PA system, so I had to make some stuff up.


I bought a plain box for the PA system cabinet and painted it brown (I think I bought this a Michael’s).  I bought a plain shower head and shower hose for the microphone (both purchased at Lowes).  I drilled a whole through the box for the microphone “hose.”  In order to try to hold up the big heavy “microphone” I ran three wire hangers up through the tube to try to keep the hose bendable, yet still hold up the microphone.


I bought this little toggle switch on Amazon.  I drilled another hole through the box for the switch.  I used some felting to cover some of the hole, because the hole on the light switch cover I bought was a bit big.



Once everything was hot glued in place, I let it set a bit.  I used little jewels to simulate the lights.  And I used a lot of hot glue.


I finished it up with some Black Slider and a sample of vinyl I purchased on Ebay.  I also bought Dymo label maker so I could make the blue labels on  the switch.  Overall I’m pretty happy with my little prop.  I had a lot of fun making it and figuring out how to make it.



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