Happy Birthday, Mom!

It’s mom’s birthday and we are spending it at the Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival. Her birthday present this year, from me, was three classes!

This morning, or afternoon really, was the Next Steps in Tunisian Crochet class by Robyn Chachula. This is the class I was cramming for, trying to learn Tunisian Crochet. The class was jammed packed with new stuff. Perhaps I would have picked it up faster if I had actually spent more time getting familiar with Tunisian crochet. But we learned the knit stitch, pearl stitch, a slip stitch foundation row, twisted stitch, reverse stitch, and spike stitch. my swatch looks like a hot mess.


Looks like a hot mess

Starting to change colors, but still looks messy.

I like the spike stitches.

Then we learned how to do increases and decreases with a chevron pattern. She also had multiple ways to do increases and decreases in her write up, but I just stuck with the basics. I feel like I completely got my money’s worth here and I’d better spend more time with Tunisian so I can remember everything I learned.

Many mistakes, but the chevron isn’t so bad.

We spent maybe an hour on the floor, then we went to our Hairpin Lace class with Laura Regan. Mom and I were ready for our second class of the day! About 5 mins into the class my husband texted me that he couldn’t find his car keys. Oopies! I grabbed his keys this morning when I left the house. I had to leave the class and go run and meet him at his appointment, that he had to Uber to, and drive him home afterwards. Ugh. I missed the class and some good quality time with mom because I was absent minded this morning.

Mom and me, ready for class

Ready to learn hairpin lace, shame I had to leave.

I hope I’ll be back tonight in plenty of time for the block party. And mom needs to teach me hairpin lace now. (Do you ever just want to bonk yourself on your head? Yeah, me too.). Looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

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