Baby Washcloths

I decided to add a few baby washcloths to my baby gift basket.  I bought some cotton yarn (20 Skein La Mia Mini Cottony 100% Turkish Cotton Baby Yarn) for the Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival to use in classes. It gave me a variety of similar yarn in different colors to work with. The yarn itself is nice, but not the easiest to work with. It splits and isn’t twisted tight, so there are some limitations on the stitches you can do with it since it snags easily on the crochet hooks.


Ripple Stitch, Leaf Stitch, Half Double Crochet, Tunisian Simple Stitch, and Spiral

I created a practice swatch with my Tunisian crochet and decided that it would make a nice washcloth (the blue washcloth). Then I decided to make some more washcloths and add them to my baby gift basket. I started with a simple hdc swatch (purple washcloth).

Next I decided to try some stitches from my stitch books.  I have an old book, that I’ve had for years called, “Beginner’s Guide 30 Easy To Crochet Pattern Stitches.”  I was looking for stitches that had some relief to them, but not too much, since these were baby washcloths and I didn’t want them to have too much texture.  I ended up picking the Leaf Stitch on page 16 for one of my washcloths (teal washcloth).

Then I pulled out my “The Crochet Stitch Bible” again looking for delicate stitches that would make a good baby washcloth.  This book was a gift from a few Christmases ago, then I bought one for my mom too.  This time I picked the Ripple Stitch on page 83 (cream washcloth).

I finished up making a spiral washcloth with some of the left over cotton on the mini skeins (cream and purple).  I didn’t make it scrubby, just the soft cotton yarn.

I delivered the basket to my co-worker on Tuesday this week to and his daughter was born the next morning, whew, just in time!

Making little washcloths is a great way to look up and learn new stitches.  It’s great practice and I’d like to get to a point where I start the discipline of creating practice swatches of new stitches on a regular basis.  It really gets your creative juices flowing when you start to explore and search for stitches on your own to create something new.  Speaking of which, I’m working on creating a new pattern in this same fashion and can’t wait to finish it and share it.