I’m about to go see Avengers: Endgame in a few hours, so it’s appropriate that I just completed the Infinity Gauntlet last night.  My nephew had the electronic gauntlet on his birthday wish list.  I decided that I would just make him one.  (I bought the electronic one too, I’m not that lame of an aunt.)

Infinity Gauntlet

Completed Infinity Gauntlet

I searched online for a pattern and found this cute kit on Etsy from AmigurumiBarmy.  The kit came with everything needed to make your own gauntlet, even a hook!  The shop is in the UK, but it actually arrived quicker than I would have thought.

Infinity Gauntlet Kit

Complete Kit from AmigurumiBarmy shop on Etsy

Infinity Guantlet

Really, really complete! Hook and all.

Since I was making this for my 3 year old nephew, I tried to size it smaller.  The instructions recommend using a smaller hook and smaller yarn for children.  Well, I just used the smaller hook (3 mm), so it just fits my small hands, but will likely still be huge on my nephew.  I figured the kit came with yarn, so I’d use the yarn provided.

The instructions were pretty good.  I think there was only really one place where I was a bit confused on what I should do, so I just winged it.  Perhaps a few more step by step pictures would help for this pattern.

With shipping the kit ended up costing about $40, so it’s not cheap.  The shop also just sells the pattern, and just the gems, so you could probably save some money buying just certain pieces if you like.  Overall, I felt like it was worth it though.




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