Summertime Tee

After spending about a year on the Linen and Lace Tunic, I wanted something quick and easy to make.  I found the Summertime Tee by Toni Lipsey on Ravelry; I purchased it there.  It’s also available for free on her blog TL Yarn Crafts.  I was able to complete this project in two weeks!  It was that quick and easy.  And I’m slow, so others could probably make it much faster.


This pattern was exactly what I needed after the tunic.  Toni’s pattern was actually pretty cleverly constructed.  At first I was a little confused, starting with the bottom ribbing, but really this pattern was pretty brilliant.  No long chains!  I think the longest chain in this pattern was a chain 6.  It also gave me the opportunity to practice the foundation stitch as well, for the sleeves.

The other thing I liked about the pattern was the fact that everything was done by measurement, no need to count rows, just crochet till you meet the desired length.  I loved this aspect of the pattern, since I always tend to crochet tighter/smaller than swatches and always end up adjusting patterns to make up for it.

I used Denim Blues Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek Yarn to make my tee.  I loved how soft this yarn is but I may regret using acrylic yarn.  Perhaps something lighter and more breathable would be better.  When I first tried on my tee it was a bit warm and it felt so heavy and warm.  Today it’s a little more cool and spring-like, so it’s comfortable. I’m not one to make the same pattern over and over again, but I may end up making myself another one or perhaps one for my mom.

I also love the self stripping of this yarn, but since this tee is constructed with front and back sewn together, the stripes don’t line up.  I decided to just let this go, but ultimately this kind of yarn would be better if this tee were in the round.


So I think I’m now a fan of another designer.  I’ll be checking out more of her patterns on her blog.