Halloween is right around the corner!  So it’s time to start with props.  I started with a prop of Book from Hocus Pocus.  I used the following blog post from 102 Wicked Things to Do as a launching point to create my book.  I found it on Pinterest.


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Halloween Ghosts

I was at Walmart this morning, and I saw these cute little ghosts.  I said to my husband, “Wouldn’t they be cute hanging from our tree?”  And he said, “You could make that.”  The original ghost was $3.98 each.  I went back to the craft section and picked up some plain white cotton fabric, some Styrofoam balls, and some pipe cleaners.  Total cost = $7.00 and enough materials to make 6 ghosts, but I could have bought one less pack of cloth ($6.00 total).


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