Frankenstein’s Lab Props Part 3

Part 3 in the Frankenstein’s Laboratory prop series, leading up to Halloween.  The next prop for Frankenstein’s Lab was also inspired from pictures of the movie set.  I think this is a large Jacob’s ladder, perhaps?

Frankenstein's Lab Prop12

Completed prop


  1. Large wire wreath frame
  2. Gold metal rings (various sizes)
  3. Poster board
  4. Metallic gold spray paint
  5. Gold string
  6. Gold beads
  7. Plastic flower pot
  8. Metallic gold duct tape (3 -4 rolls)
  9. Strobing wire

Most of these supplies were purchased at craft stores and the light wire was purchased from Amazon.


  1. I traced the gold metallic rings on the poster board, with a larger ring and then the next size down.  I cut out these circular disks from the poster board.
  2. I taped the poster board to the gold metal ring using the duct tape, then I wrapped the entire disk with the gold metallic duct tape.
  3. I spray painted the large wire wreath frame with the metallic gold paint.
  4. I made four gold disks total, not counting the wire wreath frame.
  5. I then cut out 12 – 8″ circles from poster board or heavy stock, 24 – 6″ circles, 24 – 4″ circles, and 24 – 2″ circles.
  6. I spray painted the paper circles on both sides with the gold metallic paint and punched small holes in the center of each.
  7. I punched three holes around each of the gold disks, trying to keep them in line with each other.
  8. I started with the smallest gold disk and tied the gold string through one of the holes in the disk.
  9. Next I knotted the string at about 4″, and
    1. strung in a gold bead,
    2. then 2″ circle,
    3. then gold bead,
    4. then 4″ circle,
    5. then gold bead,
    6. then 6″ circle,
    7. then gold bead
    8. then 8″circle,
    9. then gold bead,
    10. then 6″ circle,
    11. then gold bead,
    12. then 4″ circle,
    13. then gold bead,
    14. then 2″ circle,
    15. then gold bead and knotted.
  10. I did this two more times for this gold disk on the other two holes.
  11. Then I took each of the three strings and ties them to the next sized gold disk up in size.
  12. As I continued up through the gold disks, I increased the length of the gold string, but in general I tries to keep the circle/bead series in the center of the gold string between the gold disks.
  13. I took the flower pot and spray painted it inside and out with the gold metallic paint.
  14. I tapped the bottom disk to the flower pot.
  15. I took the strobbing wire and tied it up through the inside of the prop.
Frankenstein's Lab Prop8

Circular disks wrapped with gold metallic duct tape

This prop took me about a month to make over the summer.  This was definitely the most time consuming of all the props I made.

Frankenstein's Lab Prop9

Close up of the beads and circles

Frankenstein's Lab Prop11

The strobbing wire through the inside of the prop.