Frankenstein’s Lab Props Part 2

Part 2 in the Frankenstein’s Laboratory prop series, leading up to Halloween.  The next prop for Frankenstein’s Lab was inspired from pictures of the movie set.  I don’t know what this prop is called, but it is a piece of high voltage electrical equipment.

Frankenstein's Lab Prop7


  1. Nested bowls
  2. Metallic silver spray paint
  3. Silver string
  4. Styrofoam ball
  5. Paperclip

I purchased the nested bowls on Amazon and the rest of the supplies came from a local craft store.


  1. I painted the Styrofoam ball and plastic bowls inside and out with the metallic silver paint.
  2. I drilled holes in the center of each bowl.
  3. I strung the silver string through each bowl and triple knotted the string under each bowl.
  4. I strung the silver string through the Styrofoam ball.  (I used a wood kebab skewer to drill the hole through the Styrofoam ball.)
  5. I knotted the string under the Styrofoam ball and used half a paperclip to pin down the rest of the silver string to the Styrofoam ball.

The assembly of this prop was quick, but I did a few coats of paint on the bowls inside and out, so they require drying time.