Bridgeville Library Mini-Con

My friend had a table at the Bridgeville Library Mini-Con yesterday, so I decided to stop by.  There were a couple of craft tables there, including hers, Dawn’s Mystical Menagerie.  She sews bags and blankets and sells other mystical items.  I missed seeing her at the last Steel City Con, so I wanted to stop by and support her.

Dawns Mystical Menagerie

Dawn’s Mystical Menagerie photo by Dawn’s Mystical Menagerie

The other tables included Pickle bug Stitches, Grace DuhLee Designs, and Comfy Creations of Washington, PA.  I always like to support crafty ladies and I love to attend craft shows.  I have an appreciation for hand made items, I guess and the work that goes into them.  I bought a couple of star wars pillow cases from Pickle bug Stitches, a snitch from Grace DuhLee Designs, and a Wonder Woman blanket from Dawn’s Mystical Menagerie.

We were only there for a few minutes, but the mini-con was cute.  We were there for the costume fashion show, so it was cute to see the kids showing off their cosplay.

I also had a nice time talking with the crochet ladies.  I was talking to the one lady that was working on the elephant from the Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer crochet kit.  I had just finished Rudolf from the same kit that morning.  We also talked about Lucy Ravenscar’s Star Wars Crochet kit.  She was also a fan of that kit.  She also gave me a great tip!  For those little crochet books that come in the crochet kits, it can be difficult to keep the books open while you are crocheting.  She uses binder clips to hold the book open.  I usually have my phone holding the book open, but her tip may work a lot better.