Skull Scarf

I found this free skull scarf pattern on Pinterest by Amanda Pants.  There are actually a ton of various skull patterns on Pinterest for hats, gloves, scarves, etc., but I just loved this one.


Skull scarf #1 made w/ tc stitch and super long

The pattern is actually pretty easy.  The first one that I made, I admit, I was a little confused so I used a triple crochet (tc) instead of a double crochet (dc).  How could I make such a silly mistake?  I guess I had been doing a lot of British patterns at the time and I just upped the pattern from what I was reading.  Mt first attempt at this pattern came out really long as a result, which I love for scarves, so no probem.  And this yarn matched the color of my hair at the time, which was super fun.


My scarf matches my hair!

I also bought some angora yarn to make some more.  I thought about making them to sell, but as I’ve said before, I get bored if I keep making the same thing over and over again.  So I only made one and kept them both versions of the scarves for myself.  This time I followed the pattern closer and made a smaller version of the scarf.  I love the angora yarn for this second scarf;  it’s the juxtaposition of soft pink angora yarn and skulls that amuses me.


Super sweet and soft angora yarn


Grrr. I’m a skull. But I’m also soft and fuzzy.

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