Baby Shower Gifts

My co-worker was expecting earlier this year. So I decided to make her a baby blanket. I didn’t want to make my typical baby blanket that I normally make. I found Zig Zag Puff Stitch Baby Blanket pattern on Pinterest. I decided to use my Maxima yarn by Manos del Uruguay that I bought during Yarnapolooza.

Baby Shower Gifts

This yarn was really nice. It was perfect for the zig zag Puff stitch. I decided I needed to go back to Kid Ewe Knot so I could find another color for the border. I found this nice steely blue that added some good contrast to the pastel colors of the Jellybean colorway.

This was the first time I ever did blocking. I bought a blocking kit and did my best at blocking out the blanket. I used some Eucalan Wrapture to hand wash the blanket and then blocked it out on my blocking mats.  The border still ruffles a little, but overall I think it blocked pretty nicely.

I ended up with extra yarn left over after I finished the blanket. So I looked through Pinterest for more patterns. I ended up making this little hat, slippers, and diaper cover as well.

I posted my gifts on Ravelry and Manos del Uruguay actually messaged me and asked if they could share my projects. How flattering! Of course yes!

Baby Shower Gifts
img_2504.jpgimg_2503.jpgimg_2512.jpgimg_2508.jpgimg_2506.jpgBaby Shower Gifts 6Baby Shower Gifts 8Baby Shower Gifts 9Baby Shower Gifts 9


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