Noro Windowpane Scarf

Last week I was wrapping gifts for my co-workers and I realized that I was missing a gift for one of them.  I had a half day on Friday, so I decided to quickly make a scarf for her.  I went searching on Pinterest and came across this Noro Windowpane Scarf pattern by Adrienne Lash.  I was looking for something lacy, but what I liked about this pattern were the open “windows” through the scarf.  Not exactly lacy, but had that openness I was looking for to show off the fluffiness of the angora yarn.  I still had plenty of Ice Yarn, that I had used for one of the skull scarves.

Noro Windowpane Scarf 2

The completed Noro Windowpane Scarf hanging off of my awesome bear head. Unfortunately, the lighting is a little dark. I have to wrap this tonight, so no time to wait for natural light.

I was able to whip up this scarf in less than a week.  I’ve interrupted two of my works in progress (wip) to do it, but I really wanted to get something nice for her since she got me a nice gift last year.  The pattern was very easy to follow, just hdc and tc mostly.  And easy to memorize, so you don’t have to look back at the pattern until you’ve reached the desired length of the scarf.  I just finished the scarf and wrapped it up, so this project is fresh off the hook.  If you are looking for a quick gift to make for Christmas, you should be able to get this project done quickly and in time for last minute gifts.  Plus it is so very pretty.  Win win.

Noro Windowpane Scarf 6

I had a half day on Thursday. Tuna was sitting in my lap while I started the project. This yarn is almost as pretty as she is.

Noro Windowpane Scarf 5

Oliver was next up in the lap as I started this scarf. Doesn’t he have beautiful eyes?

Noro Windowpane Scarf 3

Why not have two cats in my lap while I try to crochet? This time it’s Oliver and Pumpkin. Note: There were a total of four of my six cats in my lap during the making of this scarf, at one time or another. That’s a record, I believe. But, I didn’t get a picture of Sammy this time.

Noro Windowpane Scarf 4

Working on my scarf at lunch on National Ugly Sweater day. I won 2nd place.

Noro Windowpane Scarf

Completed scarf on my lovely model, Stacy, the Styrofoam head