More Little Hats, Big Hearts

I finished making my baby hats for Little Hats Big Hearts.

But first, my husband got me this photography tent for Christmas.  This was my first time playing with it.  Still working on setting up the lighting.  But, this is the first time using it and showing off my pictures with it.  OK, my photography skills need some work, I admit it.

More Little Hats, Big Hearts

All seven hats completed

I searched Pinterest for free patterns to make more hats.  Previously I wrote about my first hat, the Apple Crisp Hat.  I found four more free patterns to try, links below.  They all ended up various sizes, which is good.  Different sizes for different sized babies.

I also made two hats of my own.  The first hat was a simple DC, with a SC brim.  It turned out pretty big, so it’s a bit of a big ass baby hat (Impractical Jokers reference).  The second hat was just a combo of front post DCs and back post DCs.  I call this one the ribbed hat.

So I finished all of my hats and dropped them off at Kid Ewe Knot yesterday.  They are a local yarn shop that is collecting the hats here.

More Little Hats, Big Hearts 7

Ribbed Hat

More Little Hats, Big Hearts 8

DC Hat w/ Brim

More Little Hats, Big Hearts 9

All hats together