Shark Blankets

Last year I made these cute little shark blankets for my nephews (one and seven).  These blankets are kind of like those mermaid tail blankets for girls, but they are sharks, so they even cooler than mermaid tails.  For the yarn I used Plymouth Select Worsted Merino Superwash, colorway Charcoal (67), that I picked up at Kid Ewe Knot.


Shark Blanket

I made one size for my one year old nephew and a much larger size for my 7 year old nephew.  The pattern provides some guidance on adjusting the pattern size.  I wanted them to be large enough for them to grow into, so I made them a little bigger than their age-range size.

The yarn was silky soft, I absolutely loved it.  I slightly modified the pattern to my taste, but for the most part the pattern was easy to read and follow.  The stitch was pretty much a granny square stitch throughout.  Vickie also has a pattern for a crocodile blanket as well.

If you have any young boys in your life, this pattern could be a great gift.  Just don’t let them watch Jaws first.

Shark Blanket2