Little Hats, Big Hearts

I found out about the Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign by the American Heart Association in connection with The Children’s Heart Foundation.  It is a campaign for babies born in February during American Heart Month to raise awareness about heart health as well as congenital heart defects.  They are asking for knitters and crocheters to make red hats for preemies and newborns to be provided to participating hospitals in February.

Little Hats Big Hearts

They are asking for hat donations or, for those that do not crochet or knit, monetary donations.  Again, all the information is located at their page.

So I bought a skein of red yarn and I’ve made my first hat for the campaign.  I plan to make as many of them as I can out of the skein I bought.  The page I linked to provides some sample patterns, but I preferred this one that I found on Pinterest called the Apple Crisp Newborn Hat from Salty Pearl Crochet.  It’s a quick and easy pattern and I liked the simplicity of it.

I hope everyone that can, participates.  It sounds like a worthwhile project, and I figured I could donate a skein of yarn and some time to the cause.  Hopefully, you can as well, or if not, maybe some money.


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