Note to Self: Always Buy an Extra Skein of Yarn

I’ve been seeing these hats with the fur pom poms and I wanted to make myself one.  I also wanted texture.  So I looked around for free patterns and didn’t find anything I liked, then went to Etsy and found a really cute pattern and bought it.

I started making my hat the week between Christmas and New Year.  I was up New Year’s Eve until midnight trying to finish it.  I got so close, I just needed maybe 3 or 4 more rows, but I ran out of yarn.

Note to Self

I bought this yarn at a yarn shop, Kid Ewe Knot, so I had to wait until the next weekend to go back and buy more.  I went this past Saturday to get more yarn, but, they were out of the yarn I used!  So, I had to order more.  I really didn’t want to wait a week or two for my yarn to come in, so I bought two skeins of a different color, so I could just make the hat and finish it.  BUT, I haven’t really been crocheting much this week, so I’ve barely made a dent in my second hat.  I did however buy a second fur pom pom for it.

Note to Self4

Oh, and while I was at the yarn store, I of course had two buy two skeins of this gorgeous yarn I found.  I think they’ll make cute leg warmers.  So, I bought yarn for a hat, ran out, went back to the yarn store and bought 4 more skeins of yarn.  lol  The moral of the story is, when you buy yarn, buy extra, or else you will go back to the store to buy yarn and just get a ton more yarn and have to wait to finish your project.

I also still need to finish my Lego Ghost Buster’s Firehouse Headquarters.   Once I finish these hats I’ll post about them and write up a review on the pattern.

Note to Self5

Note to Self6

So Pretty!

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