Mini Plaits Winter Hat

I wanted to take part in the season’s furry Pom Pom hat trend. I also wanted a hat with cables, so I searched around Pinterest and didn’t find anything I liked. Then I went to Etsy and found this cute Mini Plaits Winter Hat crochet pattern.

Well I started my hat the week between Christmas and New Year, but I ran out of yarn. I finally finished my second version of the hat and I love it.

For the yarn, I used Galway Worsted from Plymouth Yarn. I bought a decorative button at Joann Fabrics, and I bought a Raccoon Pom Pom on Amazon.

The pattern is by Lucie Handmade CZ. I must say that this is the best documented pattern I have ever seen. She provides hand written charts, written pattern detail in excellent detail, and step by step photos. Yes, The were times I’d read the instructions and not quite know if I was following it correctly, but I’d look at the pictures and I’d look at the chart and I could figure it out. FYI. I don’t read charts, but this pattern also helped me to interpret charts. I’m completely satisfied with this pattern and my hat.

Mini Plaits Winter Hat3

That’s me! Modeling my new hat.

And since I ran out of yarn and ordered more for my first hat, I’ll have a second hat to add to my crochet gift stash. I’ll probably gift it next Christmas.

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