Openwork Afghan Pattern

While I was rummaging through the closet and I  found those afghans by Grandma, I also found one of my afghans.  Many years ago I was in another one of my crochet kicks.  It was probably around 2005 or so.  That one lasted a couple of years and most likely ended because of video games.  Yeah, I used to be addicted to my XBox back then.

Openwork Afghan

Well back in those days when you walked down the aisles in the craft store, there would be free patterns hanging in the yarn aisles.  I’m pretty sure this was one of them, because otherwise I have no idea where I got this pattern.  Amazingly enough, it is still available on the Lion Brand website!  This is the Openwork Afghan.  This afghan is made with Lion Brand Homespun yarn.  Personally, I have a love hate relationship with this yarn.  I love the way it looks and feels.  I hate to crochet with it.  The Homespun can be difficult to see your stitches and it can snag while you are crocheting.  I’ve made many things with this yarn, but yeah, not my favorite to work with.

When I pulled this afghan out of the tote it was just so soft and fuzzy.  It’s still an adorable afghan.  If you feel like braving the Homespun, I say have a try at it.

Openwork Afghan2