My Secret Project – Started

I finally started my secret project.  It’s a big project, so this will take me a while to complete.  My project is more of a Frankenstein of other patterns I found to accomplish what I’m trying to make.  The first pattern that I used is the Easy Basic Boho Hood.



2 skeins Yarn Bee Snuggle Up Silver Fox

2 skeins Knit Picks Comfy Worsted Light Blue

J Hook (6.00 mm)


I really only wanted the Snuggle Up yarn, but in order to add bulk and warmth, I added the Comfy yarn.  It is difficult to crochet with the Snuggle Up yarn because you can’t really see your stitches.  I tried to dampen the yarn to smooth it down, but that didn’t really help.  Really, I’m just feeling the stitches.  But this also means that it is really difficult to count the stitches, so my end result is a bit of a modification from the original patterns.  I doubt I will be able to write a pattern for this, but, like I said, it’s not really my pattern it’s mostly other people’s patterns that I’m modifying and putting all together.