Designer Crochet

I’ve been noticing lately that a lot of people have been posting pictures of their own re-imagining of designer clothes.  So I wondered how much crochet is out there right now in the designer world.  I don’t follow fashion myself and I don’t buy designer clothes, but I did find some interesting designer crochet out there.  I found a site called, they have all kinds of stuff from various designers.  I just did a search for crochet and there were 244 results.  Crochet is hot!

Designer Clothes

There’s the Round Neck Crochet Jumper by Chloé.  This top goes for $950.  It’s 14% wool and 86% cotton.  It’s pretty and elegant.  From a distance it doesn’t look like crochet, but when you zoom in on the stitches, it does.

Designer Clothes 3

I found this ‘Quentin’ Crochet Vest by Alice + Olivia.  This definitely looks like something I could make.  And it’s kind of my style.  Retail goes for $433, currently.  I could possibly make it for under $100 using quality yarns.  This one is made out of 66% linen/flax and 34% viscose.

Designer Clothes 4

There are these funky Balmain Crochet High-Rise Trousers available.  These are 50% off right now for a mere $1,115.  The materials are viscose 83% and polyamide 17%.  This makes me wonder, what is viscose?  Apparently it is semi-synthetic.  Well, these pants are colorful and they look pretty easy to make.

Designer Clothes 5

How about a granny square Crochet Sweater by Comme des Garçons?  This sweater reminds me of the Roseann afghan.  This goes for $1,271 and is 100% acrylic.

Designer Clothes 6

Designer Clothes 9

Don’t miss these Blade crochet boots.  OK, these are pretty fabulous by Casade for only $900.  The crochet part is 100% cotton over leather spike heels.  And then there are these boots, also by Blade, which may be even more fabulous!

Designer Clothes 7

I love this designer crochet jumper by Ryan Roche.  I’d love to make this one, since I’m not about to spend $495 for it.  This is 100% cashmere, so the yarn might cost almost that much to reproduce it.  But I bet some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn would be good to try to make this.

Designer Clothes 8

This crochet floral design pullover is pretty interesting by Sea.  I’m not a fan of the ruffles, but the rest of it is cool.  This is 100% cotton for $583.

Designer Clothes 10

This isn’t my taste, but it’s pretty cool.  It’s a colour block crochet sweater by Sonia Ryliel.  This sweater is $662; made of cotton 40% and polyamide 60%.

Designer Clothes 11

They also have a crochet swimsuit by Amir Slama.  It’s currently 15% off for $795.

Designer Clothes 2

And they have a crochet grapes earring by Rose Assoulin.  This earring goes for $250 for a single earring.  So I guess that would be $500 if you want a pair.