Halloween Ghosts

I was at Walmart this morning, and I saw these cute little ghosts.  I said to my husband, “Wouldn’t they be cute hanging from our tree?”  And he said, “You could make that.”  The original ghost was $3.98 each.  I went back to the craft section and picked up some plain white cotton fabric, some Styrofoam balls, and some pipe cleaners.  Total cost = $7.00 and enough materials to make 6 ghosts, but I could have bought one less pack of cloth ($6.00 total).




  • White cloth
  • Styrofoam balls
  • White pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Black sharpie

I took two pipe cleaners and dipped them into the glue, then stuck them into a Styrofoam ball.


I bent the pipe cleaners for the fabric to drape.



I took the packs of cloth and cut them into 4s.

I took each square of cloth and folded them into a quarter.  I snipped the corner off.

Next I draped the fabric over the Styrofoam head and took another pipe cleaner, dipped in glue and stuck it through the cut cloth into the Styrofoam at the top of the head.

Once the glue dried, I drew the eyes and mouth on the cloth with the sharpie.