Doily Patches

When I was out in New Mexico for vacation I was in a little boutique.  They had these cute clothes with patches, lace, and doilies and I thought to myself, “I can make something like that.”  Then a month or so ago, a lady in one of my crochet groups on Facebook posted pictures of her granddaughter’s jeans that she patched with doilies.  I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of torn jeans ever since, because I wanted to make something like that as well.


I finally bought a pair of holey jeans at Target last week and went on a search for doily patterns. I found three that I incorporated into my patches.  Since I was only using them for patches, I never actually completed the fully doilies, just what I needed to fill the hole.

Spring Brilliance


Mini Trellis Doily


Shaded Pinks Doily


Final product and recent picture of Pumpkin being cute, cuddling with the ghost pillow.


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