Learning to Knit

I finally took the plunge and started to learn how to knit.  My mom actually taught me when I was a kid, but I forgot and I never could quite teach myself how to do it again.  I’m used to crochet and knitting always felt awkward to me.  But I love the way knit stitches look for some things, so I’ve wanted to learn again.

knit 6

I bought a book at hobby lobby and some straight needles.  The book is called Learn to Knit Now! from Leisure Arts.  It covers the very basics.  I started off with this book and scheduled a one-hour lesson at my LYS, Kid Ewe Knot.


I was able to do the knit stitch a little by the time I took my lesson.  Heather showed me how to knit, purl, and correct my stitches.  I’m knitting English style; I throw my stitch, but I’d like to learn how to flick.  I may schedule another lesson to learn that now that I’m more familiar with the stitches.

I’ve completed two projects from my book, a pair of fingerless gloves and a pair of matching legwarmers.  They came out pretty nice, I think.  They probably took me abut 2 – 3 weeks.

Now it is time to get back to my big project.  Enough with the distractions.