Crochet Stitch Savers

I keep seeing these crochet stitch markers everywhere with alphabet blocks, so you know what hook you used on the project.  What an ingenuous idea!  I don’t always put projects down for long, but if you are the type that has multiple WIPS, these could be a life saver for you.

Stitch Savers 2

Instead of calling them stitch markers, I’m calling them stitch savers.  I just figured, you are trying to save your stitch as you put your project down for a while.  I decided to make my own, and you can too!


Head pins

Lobster Clips – bought from ButtonshedUK shop on Etsy

Letter Beads – bought from TIJC shop on Etsy

Various Beads

Jewelry Tools

Stitch Savers

I’m not very experienced at jewelry making, but these were really easy to make.  I used some of my beads on the Head pin, added the letter bead, and topped off with the remaining beads.  Then I used the jewelry tools to bend the pin around the lobster clip.  I made some for the common hook sizes, D through J.  Overall, a quick and easy project.  I made mine in about 1 hour or so.

Stitch Savers 3

2 thoughts on “Crochet Stitch Savers

  1. These are so cute! I always forget to use my rather large collection of stitch markers but I love how you’ve made them so you know what hook you used. I’m in the UK so use the sizes in mm so the letters are all a bit foreign to me but this could be easily changed for numbers for us UK hookers!


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