Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival 2019

The remainder of the Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival was great. At Friday night’s Block Party, I got a henna tattoo from Soma Chatterji in the spa room.  I’ve always wanted a henna tattoo.  We also did some yoga stretches and checked out all of the exhibits.


Saturday morning I took Beautiful Lace Crochet by Robyn Chachula.  This class reviewed some basic lace patterns, most most importantly helped me, and hopefully everyone in the class, to learn how to read crochet charts.  I’m starting to feel comfortable about chart reading now.  I want to go back and retry all of the charts in our handout.

Saturday afternoon at the maker space, I made a card with iron on ribbons.  It was fun to make the cute little card.  Then we made harts for #shareaheartpgh.  I ended up leaving my heart at a waiting room yesterday.



Sunday was my last class, Introduction to Broomstick Lace, by Laura Regan.  Somehow this year I took four classes, but only had 2 instructors.  Thankfully, both instructors were great.  Anyway, we learned how to broomstick lace, and it was so easy.  I got the hand of this pretty quickly.  In fact, after two hours, she taught me how to do the hairpin lace for the class that I had to leave.  That turned out to be pretty easy too.


I’ve left this year’s Pittsburgh Creative Arts festival with a lot of new skills, more confidence, a drive to keep practicing and creating, and some really great experiences.  Can’t wait until next year, now, maybe I’ll try some knitting classes next.