Nurse Mildred Ratched

Halloween for me is almost like a cosplay.  Last year I did Bride of Frankenstein.  This year I’m doing One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest.  I’ve completed my props and I kept them simple this year.  I made the PA system, a sliding glass window to dispense the medication, and a padded wall.  And my costume is a bit of a Cosplay of Nurse Ratched.


The padded wall was easy.  I bought a roll of foam at Hobby Lobby and a bunch of plain white buttons on Ebay.  Then I just measured out evenly on the foam and sewed the buttons on.  The most difficult thing?  Not letting the thread tear through the foam.  I’ll use those 3M strips to attach it to the wall, hopefully that will hold it up.


Then I made a sliding glass window out of cardboard and Plexiglas.  I bought some thick cardboard sheeting on Amazon, Cut out a window area, bought some plastic rails, and some Plexiglas.  Some paint, some white duct tape and.sliding glass window to dispense my medication.


I already posted about making my PA System.  This was project to make for this year.  Well biggest as far as effort is concerned.



And if I need to dispense medication, I’d better have some medication to dispense.  So I bought some little plastic pill bottles, some labels, and ton of Hot Tamales and Good and Plenty.

For the costume itself, I just bought a basic Dickies nurses uniform and some plain white nursing shoes.  I had a name tag made that says Mildred Ratched.  I also bought some nursing pins, to pin on to my costume.

But the big thing for my costume was making my wig.  I can’t be nurse Ratched with purple or pink hair, well I guess I could, but I’m a purist.  So I  made my own wig.  I crocheted the wig, added the hair, attached the nurses cap, then styled.  Styling was the biggest pain it the butt, but I finally got it pretty good.  I used toilet paper rolls to help form and mold the yarn to the style I wanted.

Now I just need to wait for Halloween.  And I hate to wait!  I guess I’ll just move on to the next projects.

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