Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival 2019

Registration is open for the Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival 2019 (March 15 – 17, 2019).  It will be located at the Double Tree In Green Tree, PA.  It’s the 15th Anniversary.  Come check it out!  Classes vary in price.  The event is $25 for all three days.

Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival


Crown Ear Warmers

Trend Alert!

Lots of people on my news feeds have been making these crown ear warmers.  I went searching around for patterns and I only really found one pattern pinned multiple times on Pinterest.  They all led back to this pattern available for free on Ravelry by Erangi Udeshika and she has her own blog at Crochet For You.

Anyway, this is a quick little filler post.  If you’ve been looking for a pattern for these crown ear warmers.  Here it is.  Looks super cue and easy.  Enjoy!



Learning to Knit

I finally took the plunge and started to learn how to knit.  My mom actually taught me when I was a kid, but I forgot and I never could quite teach myself how to do it again.  I’m used to crochet and knitting always felt awkward to me.  But I love the way knit stitches look for some things, so I’ve wanted to learn again.

knit 6

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Shimmy Time

I’ve been taking belly dance classes for about 4 years now.  I’m not great.  I don’t dedicate lots of time to practice.  But it’s fun and I enjoy it.

I love to buy skirts and hip scarves for class, and I’ve bought tons of hip scarves, but they all have the cheap coins on them.  It’s difficult to find good coins anymore.  So I decided to make my own.

Hip Scarf7

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Halloween Ghosts

I was at Walmart this morning, and I saw these cute little ghosts.  I said to my husband, “Wouldn’t they be cute hanging from our tree?”  And he said, “You could make that.”  The original ghost was $3.98 each.  I went back to the craft section and picked up some plain white cotton fabric, some Styrofoam balls, and some pipe cleaners.  Total cost = $7.00 and enough materials to make 6 ghosts, but I could have bought one less pack of cloth ($6.00 total).


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