With All My Heart Blanket

The big trend that I am seeing everywhere is the With All My Heart Blanket. I belong to a couple of Facebook Crochet Groups (The Crochet Addiction and For the Love of Crochet) and I keep seeing pictures of this blanket show up on my feed. In addition, I’m seeing people posting their WIP of this blanket. It’s really beautiful. I’d like to attempt those interlocking hearts some day, but at the moment my to do list is too long.

The Etsy shop, The HatandI, also includes hats, ear warmers, and bags with the interlocking hearts. I suspect lots of people will be getting this blanket for Valentine’s Day and weddings this year. Keep an eye out for this new trend of the season/year.


Crafty Is Cool Crochet

Another really cool Etsy shop is Crafty Is Cool Crochet by Allison Hoffman.  I had seen some of her patterns around and then saw them popping up on my Facebook feed.  This woman is really talented at amigurumi.  If you go to her Etsy site, she as 63 items for sale, and that is almost 100 percent patterns.  OK, 98% to be more precise.

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Note to Self: Always Buy an Extra Skein of Yarn

I’ve been seeing these hats with the fur pom poms and I wanted to make myself one.  I also wanted texture.  So I looked around for free patterns and didn’t find anything I liked, then went to Etsy and found a really cute pattern and bought it.

I started making my hat the week between Christmas and New Year.  I was up New Year’s Eve until midnight trying to finish it.  I got so close, I just needed maybe 3 or 4 more rows, but I ran out of yarn.

Note to Self

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WIP: Four-Hour Fall Sweater

I started this Four-Hour Sweater in the fall.  I have always wanted to make clothes.  So far the closest I’ve come is a poncho that I made about 15 years ago.  I was also looking to make an over sized sweater to go with my leg warmers that I made a while ago.  I thought they’d be cute with a pair of jeggins.

4 Hour Sweater

Well, I haven’t finished the sweater yet.  I did buy a sweater on Amazon to wear with my jeggins and leg warmers, so I didn’t feel as rushed to complete this.  Also, new projects popped up and interrupted the completion of this project, so it is now in the WIP pile and may never get completed.  In fact, if I do want to complete it, I may need to frog it and start over from scratch.  And that kind of sucks.

So far here are my observations:

  1. This sweater is taking me way more that 4 hours.  I think I’ve probably spent about 12 hours at least so far to complete one panel.
  2. I hate the Q sized hook.  It is awkward and uncomfortable to use.  In fact my hand would go numb as I was crocheting.
  3. This Q hook is annoying because the yarn does not slide on it.  The yarn keeps getting friction on the plastic hook and is slowing me down a lot.  I’ve tried finding other Q sized hooks but they are not that common, there is not a lot of variety out there to purchase.

I really want to start doing clothes and this looked like a quick and easy pattern to learn on, but perhaps I should switch to her other pattern, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Pullover.  This might be a bit easier to learn with.  So I’ll add that to my to-do list, but I have a while till I could probably get to it.

4 Hour Sweater 2

My claw grip and the over-sized Q hook

Christmas of Crochet

I’m falling behind on my posts. I blame my husband. For Christmas this year he bought me the Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters. I’ve been working on it since last week, and I’m still not done! But I love it. I love Legos and this is probably the largest set I’ve ever gotten.

But that’s not all I got for Christmas. I also got lots of Crochet related things, most of which were on my Amazon wish list.

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2018 Resolutions

My resolution last year, in a way, was to start a crochet blog.  It wasn’t really a resolution, but it was something I had wanted to do for a while.  I finally went through with making it a reality, and I still have a backlog of post ideas to keep me going outside of any current projects I’m working on.


So it’s time to come up with a crochet related resolution for 2018.  Next year I will complete my big project that I have been planning in my head for about a year now, possibly longer.  The project is a big one, and I know it will probably take me 3 months or so to complete, but I want to make this a reality.  This will be a project that I will design and make myself.  Once I’m done I hope to have my first real pattern available for distribution.

I’m not spilling the beans on what my project is yet.  I’ve purchased all the yarn and I have sketches and rough designs ready to start it.  All I have to do is finish this one hat I am working on for myself, and then I will start it.  No more excuses.